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As you well know, we at Leading Online Casinos attach great importance to evaluating the online casinos we present following strict criteria. We aim at giving the most detailed online casino reviews with the primary interest in directing our dear readers to the online casino market leaders knowing that they provide the best, safest and most entertaining online casino gambling experience.

The Hallmarks of The Best Live Dealer Casinos

Live online casinos are no exception, which is why we revisit the same criteria as in our article choosing your best online casinos, with, all the same, some aspects, specific to Live dealer online casinos. First, let’s have a look at the hallmarks you need to look for in Live casinos, then, at our live online casino reviews.

  1. Multiple and diverse games:

    Leading online casinos are aware of the increasing demand for live casino games. Thanks to constant improvement of computer, network and audiovisual technologies, the famous classic casino games that online players used to play from an RNG ran computer program, are bound to be surpassed by their Live dealer version. Players can now enjoy casino games with unmatched quality, closest to what they could experience in a land-based casino, and from the comfort of their home. It is undeniable that the Live dealer format will attract more and more casino gamblers in the coming years. The best online Live dealer casinos know this for a fact and ensure to offer as many options as possible for the players to find their favorite games adapted to this growing trend.

  2. At the cutting edge of technology:

    There is nothing more frustrating than being interrupted or affected in the middle of a game by a technical problem, a latency, or a server crash. The best online Live dealer casinos ensure that the games they broadcast are fluid, uninterrupted, latency-free and with a rock-solid secure connection. Loading their casino games takes only a few seconds, regardless of whether you are playing on PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet.

  3. Mobile-Compatible and User-Friendly:

    As mentioned above, you can access the best online Live dealer games through the casino's app or responsive site without cutting down on anything else but the size of the screen you play on. Chatting with the dealers is easy and straightforward, and the overall experience on any of the Live dealer game is fun.

  4. Licensed, regulated, fair and secure:

    Like any online gambling website, Live dealer casinos meet players' expectations and offer games that are tested for their fairness, meet the licensing requirements of the legal authority in which they are listed, and offer a secure connection to their games respecting the most recent security standards. Most Live dealer casino games are provided by companies specializing in the development of casino gaming software, meeting all these criteria. You can learn more about laws and safety of online casino gambling in our article safe and trustworthy.

  5. Table Limits for All Players:

    To host online Live dealer casino games cost much more to the online casinos than the classic computerized gambling games. Consequently, many online casinos will fix the bet limits of their Live casino games sometimes higher than what you can find in a land-based casino. However, the best online Live dealer casinos understand that they must render their games accessible to all players and budgets. Therefore, you can find many different table limits ranging from the lowest to the exclusive private high rollers only tables on the leaders of the Live dealer casino industry. Additionally, since you are given the possibility to bet big, the best online casinos offering Live dealer games ensure to fix their cash out limits high for you to be able to withdraw big winning with as less inconvenience as possible.

  6. Live Casino Bonuses and Promotions

    There is no reason for players who prefer to play their favorite games to be left out when it comes to bonuses and promotions offered by online casinos. You are undoubtedly familiar with the welcome gifts, and regular promotions that casinos provide to the players and the best online casinos do the same with live dealer casino players with, however, some differences in wagering requirements and restrictions.

  7. Fast and Convenient Deposits & Withdrawals:

    Nothing is worse than waiting endlessly for a withdrawal to appear on your bank account when you win money in an online casino. Operators too often take their time to process cash out requests which can be frustrating for winning players. The best online casinos display the timeframes in which withdrawal requests are dealt with depending on the chosen online banking option and scrupulously process cash-out payments within the indicated delays.

Which Are the Best Live Casino Games I Can Play Online?

Other than virtual reality games, which are still not as widespread as anticipated a few years ago, no other casino experience can afford the thrill and immediacy that live dealer games provide. There are hundreds of different tables with native dealers, varying bet limits, and side bets to cater for players of all budgets and interest. Whether you like to apply strategy or simply rely on luck, the variety of live tables will have something tailored to your preferences.

Live Dealer Casino Roulette – the All-Time Classic Revamped

Looking to play Roulette but don't have access to a land-based casino? Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, and the best online casinos have a vast selection of online adaptations of this iconic game. However, part of the fun of playing roulette is to interact with the dealer and with other players. Most importantly, a lot of gamblers value the fact that the casino games are led by live dealers instead of an RNG program. If you agree with that, then Live Dealer Roulette is your game of choice!

Enjoy the famous casino game online almost as if you were sitting at the table of a brick and mortar casino, without stepping foot outside! You can find many variants of the Roulette in the best online Live dealer casinos. Play American or European Roulette, sit at the tables of the most prestigious land-based casinos thanks to Live streaming action, Speed Roulette, Immersive Roulette, VIP - Exclusive - Diamond Roulette... you name it!

Playing Roulette at a live dealer casino.
Learn how to play roulette.
Play roulette live, without living the comfort of your house.
You can fing many Roulette variants at live dealer casinos.

Live Blackjack – All the Versions and Side Bets You’d Want

Probably the most exciting online casino game, Blackjack has been stirring up gamblers' passions for centuries and has exploded in popularity with the advent of online casinos. It is therefore natural that Live dealer online casinos have taken over this cherished gambling casino game and are today offering the best online Blackjack adaptations in their Live Dealer Online Casinos.

In this gambling game, luck obviously takes an important place, but it is the players' skills that are truly determining the outcomes. Apply the right set of skills and strategies, and you genuinely have a chance to beat the casino and make big winnings in this fascinating game! The best live dealer online casinos include variations to the classic table gambling game in the form of side bets options, rules tweaks ,and different themes. Test your skills against the best live dealers in the online casino industry and win your bets on Live Online Blackjack!

Online Blackjack is one of the most exciting online casino game.
Play Blackjack in a live dealer online casino.
In blackjack luck takes an important place.
Win your bets on Live Online Blackjack!

Poker Games in Numerous Versions

For the players who love Poker, several casino games exist inspired by the famous game's rules. Try getting a Royal Flush or a Four-of-a-Kind in the different Poker casino games adaptation available in the best live dealer online casinos. The goal is simply to get a better hand than the dealer following the standard hand ranking of Poker, no matter what Poker casino game you are playing.

Like in Blackjack, online casino games deriving from Poker rely on a certain amount of luck, but most importantly on players' skills and strategies. Your ability to choose when to multiply your bets or when to fold your hands is put to the test in these thrilling online live dealer casino games.

Play poker in the best live dealer online casinos.
To play poker it's most important to have skill and to think strategically
Players love to tip the croupier for good luck.
The royal flush is the best hand you can get.

Baccarat – as Close to a Macau Table as You Can Get

One of the oldest casino games, Baccarat also has found its place in Live Dealer Casinos. This casino game, often associated with high rollers, is made available to all online gamblers on Live online casinos where you can find tables with bet limits adapted to all kind of budget. Although there are several versions of Baccarat in which the rules change significantly, most of the Baccarat versions you can play online are a mini version of the most popular variant, the "Punto Banco".

In this simple version of Baccarat, players must guess the conclusion of the game by betting on three possible outcomes. Either the player wins, the banker wins, or they tie. You can play few different adaptations of the game Live. These variations apply minor changes in the game's options such as giving the opportunity for side bets to be wagered or influencing the game's speed. Live Dealer Online Baccarat is a game purely based on luck where statistics from previous hands can help you determine what the next hand's outcome will most likely be.

Play baccarat in a live dealer casino.
Baccarat is a game purely based on luck.
The post popular version of baccarat is the Punto Banco
Baccarat is played between the player and the banker.

Other Live Dealer Casino Games:

Dream Catcher is inspired by the famous TV game Wheel of Fortune. Dream Catcher Inspired the famous TV game Wheel of Fortune, Dream Catcher is one of the latest game brought to you by the leading software developer of live dealer casino games: Evolution Gaming. You could hardly imagine a more straightforward game to play. Players must choose between 6 numbers from 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 or 40. The higher the number, the higher it multiplies your initial bet and the less it is likely to come out since it is proportionally less represented on the wheel.

The game’s host regularly spins the wheel and keeps you entertained by telling jokes, answering the chat and other antics. Evolution Gaming has once again proven to be the leader of live online casinos with this latest addition to the live dealer games in the industry, and the best online casinos make sure to add the game to their list of best live dealer online casino games.

SIC BO is a dice game popular in Asia. Sic Bo Very Popular in Asia, Sic Bo is a less popular game for European or American gamblers. Sic Bo is a dice game where you must guess the outcome of 3 dice thrown, or rather "shaken" by the dealer, using a dice chest. Once the dice are thrown, the dealer compares the result with the players' predictions and pays the winners. Very similar to craps, Sic Bo is hard to get by in the western part of the world. A few online casinos offer the game on their platform though, and some of them even have a live version available.

Hi-Lo is a simple game developed by Playtech. Hi-Lo Brought to the industry by Playtech, Hi-Lo is the other latest addition to live dealer casino games. The game is simple: Players must guess if the next card drawn by the dealer will be higher, lower or the same, red or black, face or rank card, etc. The previous hand determines the base card for the next game and odds are displayed and calculated once the base card is known. The game is a Playtech exclusive, so it will only be found in online casinos relying on the famous software provider. Given the game’s simplicity though, it is likely that the game will be available on other online casinos in the near future.

Players love Live dealer online casinos and here is why!

Live Games Developers

Only a handful of online casinos offer an exclusive version of their live games. Most online casinos rely on software developers to provide online Live dealer casino games to the players. It is, therefore, more appropriate to bring you our best online Live dealer casino reviews by reviewing the best Live casino game software providers:

Award-Winning Games from Evolution Gaming

Evolution gaming is the world leader in the online live dealer casino industry.There are several reputable brands of software developers on the online casino game market. However, when it comes to the best online Live dealer casino games, one software developer stands out from the others since its inception. We are of course referring to Evolution Gaming. World leader of the online Live dealer casino games industry, Evolution Gaming Limited sets the standard of quality service and innovation.

Gambling Licenses Independetly Tested Live Games available in

Using state-of-the-art technology, the games this Live casino software developer provides are of unparalleled visual and audio quality and, therefore, offer an outstanding online casino gambling experience.The cards are mixed and traced thanks to advanced technology equipment and some of their innovative casino games such as Immersive Roulette, make use of filming equipment worthy of Hollywood's movie studios. Evolution Gaming holds an impressive amount of rewards for its innovations and is the safe bet of the online gambling industry for all players looking to bet real money on the best online Live dealer casinos!

Playtech – Exclusive Tables from Studios Around the World

Playtech is one of the best developers of casino games.

In the gambling market since 1999, Playtech is a giant amongst the software developers of the casino game industry. Since its inception, Playtech has acquired dozens of the world's largest gaming and casino management solutions organizations and has, in so doing, established itself as the world leading developer of gambling software. Present on all platforms, online and offline, Playtech feeds the online gambling world with its games, software and managing solution programs to a staggering amount of online casinos, online poker rooms, sportsbooks, lotteries and other online gambling activities across Europe and Asia.

Gambling Licenses Independetly Tested Live Games available in

To put it simply: if you have played online casinos from Europe or Asia, you did come across Playtech's games! The renowned software developer lives up to its reputation with its online live dealer casino games. Playtech is the owner of three of the best online live dealer casino studios around the world. With its studio in the Phillippines, the gigantic studio in Riga, Latvia, employing more than 500 people, and the most recently built studio in Bucharest, Playtech broadcasts live dealer casino games 24/7 on more than 100 tables in more than six languages. They offer the fantastic number of 34 different Live casino games derived from the classic Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, and Sic Bo as well as some exclusive games such as Live Hi-Lo and Spin-a-Win. With almost 20 years of experience, players cannot go wrong with this online casino gaming software developer and can confidently try their luck on the best online Live dealer casinos powered by Playtech!

NetEnt – at the Forefront of Innovation

Netent is a pioneer in the online gambling software industry.

Founded in 1996 by a Scandinavian land-based casino company, Netent is a pioneer of online gambling software development. With less than 200 games in their portfolio, Netent relies on the quality of their products. The prestigious software developer stands out from the crowd thanks to beautiful designs, quality soundtracks and an overall polished aspect for each single online casino games they have to offer, ensuring them the status of high-end casino gambling software provider. The same goes for their online Live dealer casino platform. Called Netent Live, the developer has brought, relatively recently, a Live dealer casino platform at the cutting edge of technology and with elegant design.

Gambling Licenses Independetly Tested Live Games available in

Focused on ease of use, Netent Live is compatible with all desktop and mobile devices. Faithful to their reputation, Netent focuses on quality and currently only offers classic and a few variations of Blackjack and Roulette on their online Live dealer casino platform. The games are broadcasted 24/7 in 5 different languages. The latest technologies are used to ensure a flawless and pleasant online Live gambling experience. Netent brings variations to Blackjack and Roulette that you can't find elsewhere. Blackjack Common Draw, where every player plays the same seat and Roulette La Partage, giving players the chance to save some of their loss when a 0 comes out. The great importance attached to design, accessibility, and players' experience makes Netent Live on of the best Live dealer online casino software provider.

Microgaming – iGaming Industry Pioneers Still Going Strong

The developer with the longest history in the industry is Microgaming.

Microgaming is the oldest online casino software developer is proud to claim having created the very first online slots game. The company has stepped beside and grown with gamblers around the world to the point where there is not a single seasoned online casino player who has not heard the name of Microgaming. Amongst their impressive portfolio of more than 850 casino games, some are known worldwide for repeatedly world record-breaking progressive jackpots ever won by an online casino gambler!

Gambling Licenses Independetly Tested Live Games available in

Although the spearhead of Microgaming is the development of classic online casino games running on an RNG program, the Online Live dealer software provided by the company is in no way inferior to its competitors'. On the contrary, Microgaming offers the classic games of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Casino Hold'em and Sic Bo and have a trump card in their sleeve worth its weight in gold: The Playboy Live Casino. In this Microgaming exclusive online Live dealer casino, the same games are broadcasted with the not insignificant peculiarity that the very charming dealers wear the iconic bunny outfit of the world-famous magazine. Microgaming is a leader in the online casino world since its very beginning and will continue to shape the best online casinos for years to come.

Best Live Dealer Casinos

# Casino Platform Bonus &
Bitcoin Bonus
Min Deposit Overall Rating Review
200% up to $20K
300% up to $1500
300% up to $9000
300% up to $1500
100% up to $3000
150% up to $1500
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